Who are we?

We are a bunch of volunteers from Indian School of Business and other B-schools, who are on a mission to help and provide oxygen to covid-19 patients in Bengaluru.

What is the problem we are solving?

We have realised that the current system of individuals buying oxygen concentrators for each home in the times of huge dearth of supply is inefficient.

This way each concentrator gets used for only for 1-2 months (maybe even less) in a household and the rest of the time, the concentrator is unutilised and idle. Meanwhile, hundreds are dying for lack of oxygen.

How are we solving this?

We realised that an Uber-like community sharing model of 100 oxygen concentrators has potential to save 3000 lives in the next one year.

We will bring the oxygen concentrator at the doorstep of the needy in under 2 hours

Service is free of charge

Where do we stand today?

We are already live with 40+ oxygen concentrators which have been given out to patients in need of oxygen at home.

The plan is to have a pool of 100 oxygen concentrators for community sharing.

For any queries, call us at 080-47187466.